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GET SPACED is uniquely positioned to provide existing business center and coworking space operators as well as corporations, building owners and other organizations with consulting services.  We are workspace space specialist that can help existing operators improve their core offerings and ROI, introduce new products and services, select and employ new technology, improve their on line presence and social media results.  

A large part of our business is working with office property owners that need to repurpose empty space in their existing buildings or create a full compliment of workspace options to their tenants. Corporate America is spending less on space and more on flexibility and workspace options. If building owners don’t react to these trends by offering alternatives to traditional office space, they will be at a drastic disadvantage.

We offer consulting services to open new locations as well as to support change management initiatives in existing locations. We believe that “Change Happens” and at Get Spaced……we get “evolved” in it. 

We design unique marketing strategies and unique space layouts.  We do a complete competitive analysis and resource reviews of not just physical resources but of the most important resource, the space team!  We respect the need for collaboration and community building in business centers and co working environments.  As a primary success factor, we can direct community building campaigns.

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